Garmin Field Bag

R 949.00

Protect and transport your Astro® 320, DC™ 50 and associated accessories with this durable field bag. Made with black and gray polyester with an orange stripe, this zippered bag is big enough to house multiple devices and accessories. The bright orange interior helps you see inside the bag so your black items don't get lost in the mesh pockets.
Compatible devices:
TT™ 15 Mini Dog Device
Alpha® 100
Astro® 320
Astro® 430
Astro® 900
DC™ 50 Dog Tracking Collar
PRO 550
PRO 550 Plus
PRO 70
PRO Trashbreaker™
PT 10 Dog Device
Sport PRO™
T 5 Dog Device
T 5 Mini Dog Device
TB 10 Dog Device
TT™ 15 Dog Device