Garmin Replacement pod (12-15mm)

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Don't let pedal issues keep you from training. Replace your pedal pods individually or together - and on either pedal, left or right.

With additional crank arm clearance (thickness and width), Vector 2 and 2S fits almost any bike. The standard pedal pod fits crank arms 12-15 mm in thickness and 44 mm in width.

The pedal pods include an LED light to display important setup and maintenance information.
ANT+® transmitters
User-replaceable battery (2032 coin cell)
175 hours of active cycling operation

*Replacing a pedal pod does not impact Vector 2/2S power or cadence accuracy.
Vector 2/2S pedal pods should not be ordered for Vector or Vector S systems. In order to upgrade your existing Vector or Vector S system, please order the Vector to Vector 2 upgrade kit or Vector S to Vector 2S upgrade kit.

Compatible devices:
Vector™ 2S Upgrade Pedal