SEAC Unica Full Face Mask + Antiviral Adaptor

R 1,750.00
by Seac

Seac Unica Mask
+ Antiviral Adaptor & 1 x Inter-Gaurd Filter

NOTE: The SEAC Range of masks has recently been endorsed by the Italian Government via "Riposta" to give these units "Extraordinary validation of personal protective equipment" which endorses this range of masks as an effective tool for use against Covid-19. 
View original Italian Riposta - CLICK HERE
English Translation - CLICK HERE



If you were wondering can I wear glasses with this mask and is it effective...?
See Dr Shanti's response from the front line in Italy.

* To wear glasses with this mask you need to remove the arms of your glasses and insert just the frame into the mask and position it on top of the silicone nose pocket and this will grip the glasses and hold them in place. 

Product review video for the Snorkel Adaptor.


SEAC Antivrial Filter & Snorkel Adaptor. (Included in Bundle) 

The SEAC Antiviral Filter / Snorkel adaptor is a SEAC original product as used by the Italian front line staff during the 2020 COVID 19 Pandemic. The SEAC adaptor fits to the angled snorkel orifice of the Seac mask and converts it to a cylindrical 22m orifice that will be compatible with any relevant filters or hoses as required.

Product review & adaptor fitting video of the NEW SEAC Adaptor  

1 x Sample Inter-Gaurd 3 Filter 

* For additional filters please see this link: Filters
For bulk orders on filters pls drop an e-mail to and we can advise accordingly. 

The Clear-Gard filter is an advanced, highly hydrophobic bacterial/viral filter.

  • Filtration Efficiency : >99.99%
  • Resistance at 30L/min : 0.9 cm H2O
  • Resistance at 60L/min : 1.9 cm H2O
  • Compressable Volume: 60ml
  • Weight : 27g
  • Connectors : 22F - 22M
  • Minimum tidal volume : >200ml

SEAC Unica Mask 
(Elasticised Material Strap)

The Unica is the full-face snorkelling mask designed and manufactured by Seac. It allows you to explore the world below the water’s surface, breathing naturally through your nose and mouth.

Exhaled air is vented through an exclusive patented system located in the front of the mask to make exhaling effortless and eliminate the noise that purge valves make. A separated channelling system for inhaled and exhaled air prevents the lens from fogging. 

The snorkel features a Dry Top to prevent water from entering the tube. Full-spectrum view, with a 180° field of vision. The liquid silicone skirt and polycarbonate frame and lens offer enormous comfort. A comfortable and flexible retaining strap holds the full-face mask to your head. An efficient water purging system uses a dump valve in the lower part of the skirt. Available in 2 sizes

Product review video for the SEAC Unica Snorkelling Mask.

What's the difference between a SEAC Unica & SEAC Libera mask?

Watch this video:

    Due to the extraordinary situation, we find ourselves in, we are unable to accept any returns, exchanges or refunds for these masks, adapters and/or filters.
    If you purchase a mask and it does not fit, you will need to purchase a new mask in the correct size. We suggest you donate the original mask to someone who may need it. 
    We are unable to accept it back into our shop due to safety concerning our staff, and we would obviously not be able to onsell it due to any possible exposure to any and all possible contaminants.