SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer 48 Inch

R 1,299.00

The SKLZ Gold Flex golf swing trainer is designed to improve swing tempo, strength, and flexibility. The exaggerated flex in the shaft helps lengthen your swing by keeping your hands and arms extended. This creates power to help you bomb your drive and gain more distance.


The extra flex also encourages a slight lag at the top of your backswing, establishing the ideal swing tempo. The momentum the weighted head creates when swinging through encourages proper weight transfer and a full follow-through for form, balance, and power. Keep the SKLZ Gold Flex golf swing trainer in your bag for practice at the range and warming up before rounds.


* 10-20 swings every day will improve swing tempo, strength, and flexibility
* Easy to use - simply “swing” the Gold Flex back and forth continually without stopping at impact position, as if swinging to a metronome
* Fights slices and flattens the swing
* Low-impact stretch for pre-round warm-up
* Fits easily in golf bag – legal to carry on course
* Size - 5'6" (167,64cm) or taller we recommend the 48". 5'6" (167,64cm) or shorter we recommend the 40" Goldflex.