SKLZ Mini Cones

R 549.00

Set of 50

Designed with a secure square base for better balance, these high-visibility Mini Cones are perfect for marking training areas or setting up fields and courts.
Built to work on a variety of surfaces like turf, courts, and grass, SKLZ Mini Cones are the perfect training aid for almost every sport and every skill level.
Engineered with durable material to withstand rigorous training sessions, coaches and players can use Mini Cones for endless drills and exercises.

* Set of 50, two inch, high-visibility cones – 25 of each: yellow, red
* Square-base design for better balance. These two-inch cones have an innovative square design base, they maintain their shape, even after being stepped on by the toughest athletes. They’re made to handle hours of sweat and seasons of training.
* Carry strap and compact cone size for easy transport and storage
* Built to work on turf, courts, grass and any other surface. Generate muscular power with these agility, and plyometric training cones. Practice on the turf, grass, or court. Bring your athletic performance to the next level as you build strength and grace into your training.
* Engineered with durable material to withstand rigorous training sessions

SKLZ is dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their goals. No matter your sport--baseball, soccer, rugby, cricket hockey, or basketball--the SKLZ Mini Cones will help improve your game.